The Ballad of Gia & Frankie ‘Firestarter’ Variant Cover (Digital)


Written by Justin Ciardullo, John Ambrose and Patrick Hickey Jr.

Art by Josh Adams

Letters by Josh Adams

In late 2019, Jambone Pictures uncovered footage unlike anything they had seen before. These videos portray the rise of LGBTQ wrestler Gia Savitz, and their strange and hostile encounters with rival Frankie Firestarter. This disturbing saga unfolded over a period of 11 months until the mysterious disappearance of Frankie.

Selected by 19 film festivals, including the Sweden Film Awards, the Global Indie Film Fest and the Couch Film Festival, The Ballad of Gia and Frankie is one of the only pro wrestling documentaries to receive such recognition for its raw emotion and innovative storytelling.

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