Our Mission

Legacy Comix Logo

Remember when you used to pick up a comic book at your local newsstand?

That’s the way our comics will look and feel. We are dedicated to preserving what is so great about comics.

Our stories are written by lifelong fans of the industry and those who have been published and recognized for their work in magazines, newspapers and websites all over the world, with books in Ivy League colleges.

Our editing team consists of an award-winning journalist and those familiar with running websites with well over a million daily active users.

The visual look of our books is brought to you by creators who work outside the industry as commission artists- and inside the industry as pencilers, inkers, colorers and letters, as well as variant cover artists.

The Legacy Comix Pledge:

Our books will kick ass. Our stories will be fun, gritty and legendary. This is our legacy to our readers. We will accept nothing less.