Midland Beach Turkey Ninjas (Physical)

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About Midland Beach Turkey Ninjas:

Written by Patrick Hickey Jr.

Art and Letters by Joshua Adams

You’ve seen them on the news. You’ve read about them on the internet, but now you’ll be allowed into the flock for the first time!

Told from the point of view of Deathclaw, the eldest of all Staten Island Turkeys, you’ll learn about their plan to take over Midland Beach and beyond!

1 review for Midland Beach Turkey Ninjas (Physical)

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    Cheeky, sardonic take on the wild turkeys living on Staten Island. In real life they obstruct traffic and can be annoying. And each year they increase in numbers and in area occupied. For all of us living among them, this graphic novel adds a new dimension to their existence and ours. We are anxiously awaiting the next chapter in what we hope will be a great story.

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