Dem Gulls: Birdwalk Empire (Digital)

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(Written by Patrick Hickey Jr. Illustrated by Joshua Adams)

Ever wonder why the seagulls on the boardwalk are so mean? From the minds behind Condrey and GODFOE, Patrick Hickey Jr. and Joshua Adams comes an Adult Swim meets Saturday Morning cartoon take on what the situation really is on the Jersey shore boardwalk.

Chronicling the lives of the four toughest birds on the shore, Dem Gulls: Birdwalk Empire doesn’t hold back on the fowl play.

Dem Gulls: Birdwalk Empire is scheduled for a Fall Digital Release. 

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1 review for Dem Gulls: Birdwalk Empire (Digital)

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    Kyle Peffers

    Can’t go wrong with the seagull mafia

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