Condrey #0 Hardcore Fan Package

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(Written by Patrick Hickey Jr., Illustrated by Kieran X. Quinn)

William Condrey is a homeless vagabond. A victim of the New York City foster care system, Condrey has been on the street since the Lopez gang killed his retired Police Officer father when he was 12. He wants revenge and will do anything to get it.

This special 50-print enhanced edition of Condrey #0 features letters by series creator Patrick Hickey Jr. and a Holographic-laminated cover. It also comes with digital editions of Condrey 0-3. All 50 copies will be numbered and signed by the series creator as well.

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1 review for Condrey #0 Hardcore Fan Package

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    Josh “VariantNEWSSOURCE” Onimus (verified owner)

    Truly a unique new independent title in the stylistic vein of Frank Miller and the prose of Tom King. Excited to see the series expand as the story gets richer! 

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