Talkin’ Comix

The team from Legacy Comix sit down with various creators of the comic book industry to talk shop. From artists to writers to cosplayers, we pick their brains about the industry to see how they create the content they do.

Ep. 7- The Indie Characters That Influenced Us Talkin' Comix

Legacy Comix Editor-In-Chief Patrick Hickey Jr. discusses his favorite books from various indie imprints, detailing the writers and storylines that have made him the writer he is today. — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
  1. Ep. 7- The Indie Characters That Influenced Us
  2. Ep. 6- Favorite Characters: Marvel Edition
  3. Ep. 5- Inclusion in Comics
  4. Ep. 4- The Return- The Origin of The Job
  5. Ep. 3 – Sarita – The Condrey Universe

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