Lone Star (Digital)

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Based on the theatrical production by James McClure

Penciled, Inked and Colored by Chris Booth

Story Plotted by Joe Rosario and Matt De Rogatis

Additional Plot, Script, Letters and Edits By Patrick Hickey Jr.

1979 Cult Classic Play is Now a Legacy Comic!
James McLure’s dark comedy, Lone Star, takes place in the cluttered backyard of a small-town Texas bar. Roy, a brawny macho type, is back in town after a hitch in Vietnam, battling symptoms of PTSD. Centered on Roy and his younger brother Ray, this hilarious and poignant study of a pair of Texas “good ole boys” explores the depths of brotherhood and the scars to be dealt with from battles fought at home and abroad.
Warning: Some of the language used in this comic does not represent the views of Legacy Comix. It is written to represent and capture the ideas of the original writing and the 1979 theatrical production. 

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1 review for Lone Star (Digital)

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    Andrew Crafts (verified owner)

    Off to a good start. I just wish I knew where Roy was going to take us. Does he heal? Is it a story of sorrow? I thought for sure Ray would have run off with Elizabeth and it was going to to a story of despair. Need issue #2 now so I can find out.

    • Staff


      Thanks Andrew, there will not be an issue two. It’s meant to accompany the theatrical production 🙂 Nothing more, nothing less.

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