Living With a Ghost (Digital)


Written By Eva B. Morris

Edited By Patrick Hickey Jr.

Truth Can Be Stranger Than Fiction.

Growing up as an only child of two immigrant parents who survived the holocaust, Brooklyn, New York-born Eva B. Morris was able to overcome each obstacle that was put in front of her during her childhood as well as adulthood. In her stories, she revisits her painful years, searching for love, family and a career as a teacher. Despite the hardships, she always managed to find a silver lining that led to her own personal renaissance.

The real-life stories revisit critical events in history and how she was part of them. Her stories encompass her desire to have a family to love her, but always seems to end in disappointment. Ms. Morris recalls her evolution in life from being abandoned, an abusive marriage, raising her children and earning her Master’s degree in Education.

Through it all, a still small voice inside her helped guide her through the numerous tragedies and near-death experiences. It is her journey in learning about herself and finding her own voice, as well as learning to listen to the Holy Spirit that became her moral compass, her comforter in time of need and her guide when she did not know what to do.

Through her personal strength, humor and most importantly faith, she has learned to come to terms with her negative, traumatic and unbelievable past. She invites you to join her for a ride of her lifetime and hopes that you can learn that there is a larger force in this world than ourselves.

About the Author:

Eva B. Morris was 18 when she was evicted from her home and into the world. Her first full-time job was working for Manufacturers Hanover Bank on Wall Street in New York for the teletype department by night while, she attended Brooklyn College by day. At 19, she married her first love and began her family. As the years passed, her husband’s alcoholism and abuse forced her to run away with her daughter and begin a new life. She worked various part-time jobs and gave up most of her free time to attend college in order to earn her degree to become a school teacher. There, she recieved several awards and grants for specific categories in pedagogy and lesson plans. She eventually retired and developed numerous life-threatening illnesses. which she overcame. Her passion is humor and creating anything that can bring a smile to someone’s face-including her own. She is also a published essayist and poet.

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