The Godfoe Universe: APOLLYON20XX (Physical)


(Created by Dan Evans & Joshua Adams)

A powerful group of elites known as The Order have manipulated world events for centuries from the shadows. Now, in the near future, this Order has created GOD, a machine capable of influencing the minds of the world’s population, one on the cusp of global domination. However, for GOD to be operational, a bond with a human host is needed. The recent discovery of an incredible new element, “Imperimetal,” has provided the means of merging man and machine.

Experiments with Imperimetal have produced Augments, individuals with incredible and unpredictable powers. Among them is a man known only as Xero, the prime candidate for the GOD project. However, he has escaped The Order and rallied with him a small band of young, like-minded Augments. Together, they seek to end The Order before GOD can be completed and the world brought to its knees.


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