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With crime-noir tales, anti-hero journey’s, capers through sports entertainment, sci-fi adventures and traditional superhero tales, the Legacy Comix catalogue is a diverse one. Check out our current collection of titles below:


(Written by Patrick Hickey Jr., Illustrated by Kieran X. Quinn)

William Condrey is a homeless vagabond. A victim of the New York City foster care system, Condrey has been on the street since the Lopez gang killed his retired Police Officer father when he was 12. He wants revenge and will do anything to get it.

Athos Profile


(Written and Illustrated by John Svedese)

Destined to be the protector of Earth, Athos hails from a race of legendary ancients who created mankind. However, by the time he’s ready to complete his task, he finds Earth a much-different place than he could have ever expected.

Legend of the Night Owl

(Written by Afrim Gjonbalaj , Illustrated by Kieran X. Quinn)

Dzeva Dua and her son, Freddie, are out to clean up Brooklyn, the old fashioned way. With fists and fury.


(Written by Patrick Hickey Jr., Illustrated by John Svedese)

Based on the independent video game of the same name, currently in development by Orange Door Studios and animated by Bioshock Infinite’s Pete Paquette, KROOM tells the story of a planet decimated by an invading alien force and the unlikely hero destined to save it.

The Job

(Written by Patrick Hickey Jr., Illustrated by Kieran X. Quinn)

“Delicious” Dan Dero has wrestled on the indie scene for years, but has never gotten his big break. He’s about to make one of his own.

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